All About Classic Car Insurance

All About Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars offer a level of prestige and style that are not traditionally found in today’s cars. You may look at a classic car and see the value and history that it holds. This means that owners of classic cars need to get distinct classic car insurance that offers the level of security and protection that is needed to safeguard this classic piece of automotive history.

What Makes a Car a Classic?

Not every old car is classified as a classic car that requires classic car insurance. Most classic cars are described as at least 20 years old and are vehicles that are driven for pleasure instead of necessity. You rarely drive a classic car to simply get from point A to point B unless you are taking it to a classic car show. This means that classic car insurance must offer a different level of protection than traditional car insurance*.

Specialized and Affordable

Some classic car owners simply do not understand the benefits that come with classic car insurance. They feel that a traditional car insurance policy offers the coverage they need. However, if you do not have this distinct type of car insurance you are most likely overpaying for your policy. Many classic car insurance policies come with mileage restrictions, but this allows you to pay a smaller premium and save a substantial amount of money. Classic cars serve a different purpose and your insurance coverage on these types of vehicles should be modified.

Another aspect of classic car insurance that is modified is your liability coverage. Most classic cars are given extra care and attention to ensure that their value is maintained. Since most classic car owners do not take unnecessary risks there is often not a need for high liability insurance. Most classic cars are only driven on the roadways sparingly and this makes the liability lessened. However, the cost of repairing classic cars is much higher so the liability coverage is offset by the repair**.

How to Shop For Classic Car Insurance

When shopping for classic car insurance, it is generally a great idea to consult with a professional car insurance agent. They may help point you in the direction of the right classic car insurance policy and help you save money in the process. Protecting your valuable classic car is the main priority and the right insurance policy may meet this need.



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